Undergraduate Health &Excercise Sci-Rock Cou

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Undergraduate Health &Excercise Sci-Rock Cou

2023 Spring Term


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1 Units


HES 019

A course designed to develop a basic understanding of the use of weights as fundamental techniques and skills and to help the individual set up and understand a good program of training.

1 Units


HES 033

Intermediate Fencing provides a focused examination of one or two of the modern (Olympic) sport fencing disciplines of foil, epee, and sabre. The course explores the fundamentals of footwork, attacks, parries, target areas, tempo, distance, terminology, and refereeing the chosen disciplines as well as application of these concepts to competition. Open to all students.

1 Units


HES 046

An activity course which introduces the techniques of performing basic asanas (exercises) and purposeful breathing. Extra emphasis is given to toning the body, using deep muscle isometrics, and concentration in relaxation and better mental attitudes.

3 Units


HES 206

In depth examination of the various aspects of health and wellness. Students will survey various aspects of health and wellness which affect both the individual and the community. Topics will look at personal health and wellness throughout the lifespan. Topics include foundations of personal health and wellness, psychological health, stress, nutrition, physical activity, weight management, drug use and abuse, healthy relationships, sexuality, infectious disease, and chronic disease.

3 Units


HES 209

This course will examine the basic principles of nutrition, digestion, and metabolism and the effects of these principles on one's diet, weight, fitness level, and overall health. The functions, requirements, and applications of nutrients and nutritional needs throughout the life cycle will be studied. The course will also include the basic knowledge and application of nutrient recommendations, dietary guidelines, and interrelationships of foods. It will also examine the issues of alternative nutrition, food safety, and eating disorders. The course will include personal diet assessment and development of personal health goals.

3 Units


HES 217

A course focusing on sport institutions as social organizations and how they function within a culture or society. Emphasis is placed on group structure and membership, as well as group pressure, socialization, stratification, and deviance as they apply to the sport's setting. Significant emphasis is placed on the role of minorities in sports. Selected topics include sport and: educational institutions, socialization, children, deviance, violence and aggression, gender and equity, race and ethnicity, social class, social mobility and stratification, economy, politics, religion, and the media.

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