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2012 Fall Term

1-3 Units

Journalism 332

The core of the class will be the planning and execution of regularly scheduled live television news programs that will be produced in the studio of Cable 6. The instructor of the class will guide the students in that activity. Students in the course will each have a specific role to play in the production, and the number of credits earned will depend on each student's specialization. Each student's role will be assigned by the instructor according to experience and courses completed. Typically, students who have taken courses in Newswriting and Broadcast Newswriting and Production will be reporters, editors or assignment editors. Students who have completed the announcing course will serve as announcers. Others who have taken courses in television production will serve as photojournalists and video editors. Each week the newscasts will be critiqued at a joint session in which all students participate.

Other Requirements: PREREQ: JOURNLSM 241, 246 OR SPEECH 241, 246, 234 OR 338

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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-LAB 3438
1-3 Units
09/04 - 12/21 (1) M 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Jim Mead

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