Undergraduate Economics

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Undergraduate Economics

2022 Summer Term


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3 Units


ECON 201

Consumer and firm behavior. Market supply and demand and the price system. Monopoly and imperfectly competitive market structures. The pricing of factors of production and the distribution of income. Additional topics may include: poverty, growth and development; international trade. Conventional grade basis only if course is required in the College of Business for major.

3 Units


ECON 202

The economic problem: allocating scarce resources among alternative uses. The role of the market: supply and demand. The aggregate economy: output, income, employment and inflation. The nature and role of money. The effect of government expenditure and taxation on the economy. Conventional grade basis only if course is required in the College of Business for major.

3 Units


ECON 245

An introduction to descriptive statistics, probability theory and statistical inference. Graphical and numerical methods of summarizing data. Probability concepts and theoretical probability distributions. Sampling and sampling distributions. Estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Correlation and regression analysis. The course emphasizes the application and interpretation of statistical techniques.

3 Units


ECON 431

The course treats the political economy of trade, foreign investment and multinational corporations; the economic and social consequences of globalization; governments, markets, and the instruments of international economic and industrial policy; the World Trade Organization and recent issues--environmental and labor standards; intellectual property; services trade; the developing nations.

1-3 Units


ECON 493

This is an opportunity for an economics student to gain practical experience in a business, bank, government, non-profit organization before graduation. The experience will supplement the students' academic work in preparation for a career. Instructor Consent required.

1-3 Units


ECON 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable. Department Consent required.

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