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2021 Fall Term

3 Units

Spanish 371

This course is a Spanish language course geared toward individuals studying or working in health-related areas.The course is devoted to the study of medical Spanish terminology and the cultural issues related to successful interactions with Spanish-speaking patients and their families in the clinical encounter. It will introduce the student to a wide array of vocabulary particular to the medical field, as well as help the student develop a cultural understanding of medicine and illness in the Spanish-speaking world to prepare for potential work with Spanish-speaking patients in future careers in medicine, nursing, social work, translation/interpretation, or mental health settings.

Other Requirements: PREREQ: SPANISH 321 AND SPANISH 322 OR SPANISH 325

Class Schedule


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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01Z-LAB 2257
3 Units
09/02 - 12/11 (1) MW 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
Jodie Parys
HE0216HE0216 asynchronous meetings F
09/02 - 12/11 (1)
Jodie Parys
This is a community-based learning class that will engage students in collaborative learning experiences with partner community organizations. It is possible that part of the work you perform with your community partner will occur off campus. Your professor will provide more details on the first day of class.

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