Undergraduate Philosophy-Rock County

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Undergraduate Philosophy-Rock County

2021 Fall Term


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3 Units


PHI 101

An Intro to Phil. as an activity of clarifying ideas, developing & evaluating positions & arguments, & thinking critically about the Big Ideas That Matter, such as right & wrong, free will, God, the good life, knowledge, truth, education, & rationality. Typically involves reference to the leading figures & schools of thought in the history of Phil..

3 Units


PHI 241

An exploration of philosophical ethics, with attention paid to the philosophical methods of analysis & argumentation used to drive & evaluate moral theories & judgments. Topics may include the nature of moral truth (e.g., absolute truth, relativism, pluralism), prominent moral theories (e.g., virtue ethics, deontology, utilitarianism), important figures form the history of Phil. (e.g., Aristotle, Kant, J.S. Mill), & contemporary moral issues (e.g., abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia).

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