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2019 Summer Term

3 Units [GS]

Economics 202

The economic problem: allocating scarce resources among alternative uses. The role of the market: supply and demand. The aggregate economy: output, income, employment and inflation. The nature and role of money. The effect of government expenditure and taxation on the economy. Conventional grade basis only if course is required in the College of Business for major.

Other Requirements: PREREQ: ECON 201

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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
22-LEC 1015
3 Units [GS]
07/08 - 08/17 (6W3)
Eylem Ersal
Online BBA courses in the College of Business and Economics are charged separate tuition from the traditional face-to-face classes.  The online BBA course tuition is not included in the 12-credit fixed tuition cost for traditional classes.  The additional tuition charge is $389 per credit.  Students must have access to the internet and an internet browser. A webcam may be required for remote exam monitoring.

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