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2015 Spring Term

3 Units

Info Tech & Supply Chain Mgmt 763

The objective of this course is to enhance the student's ability to conceptualize and manage global operations effectively. A wide range of topics, concepts, theories, and tools related to the operations of both manufacturing and service firms are explored from an international perspective. In addition, the comparative position of U.S. production systems is evaluated with those of Japan, Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia. The focus is on covering those aspects of operations management that can help firms become more competitive globally. The aim of the course is to provide the managers with an understanding of the production of goods and services in an international environment through a review and critique of current literature.

Other Requirements: COREQ: ITSCM 719

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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
22-LEC 3974
3 Units
01/20 - 05/19 (1)
Sameer Prasad
Online classes will bill at $619 per credit for all students. Students must have access to the internet and an internet browser.

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