Undergraduate Management

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Undergraduate Management

2013 Summer Term


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3 Units


Management 301

A study of the intraorganizational behavior and attitudes of people in an organizational setting; the organization's effect on perceptions, feelings, and actions; and the consequences of behavior on the organization, particularly how it affects the achievement of the organization's purposes.

3 Units


Management 306

The study of contemporary theory, methods and procedures used to manage the production/operations (P/OM) function in service and manufacturing organizations. Included is a thorough overview of the qualitative and quantitative methods used by managers in making the decisions needed to effectively and efficiently transform resource inputs into goods and services.

3 Units


Management 320

A study of employee relations from the standpoint of the business firm, including recruitment, selection, placement, training, promotion, discipline, compensation, records, and employee services.

3 Units


Management 489

This course emphasizes management issues and practices from a top management perspective. Students learn theories and skills relevant to the strategic management of organizations, including the ability to assess the external and internal environments of the organization, strategy formulation and implementation.

2-3 Units


Management 493

This course is a constructed-supervised work experience within the major area of concentration of the student. The internship experience offers the student an opportunity to merge with actual day-to-day activity in business. No more than 5 credits will apply toward graduation. Repeatable for a maximum of 5 credits in major/degree. Department Consent required.

1-3 Units


Management 498

Repeatable for a maximum of 3 credits in major/degree. Department Consent required.

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