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2013 Summer Term

3-12 Units

Geography 485

Students will be placed in an outside private or governmental agency where they will utilize geographic techniques in approaching practical problems relevant to the agency's mission. An on-campus seminar with fellow interns and the supervisory instructor is required. Prereq: Students with a major or minor program emphasis in geography must have completed a minimum of 14 credits in geography and have the consent of the intern committee. Students of cognate majors must have a minimum of 9 selected credits in geography and consent of the intern committee. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits in major and 12 credits in degree.

Class Schedule


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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-FLD 1262
3-12 Units
05/28 - 08/16 (12W)
Dale Splinter
02-FLD 1585
3-12 Units
05/28 - 08/16 (12W)
Peter Jacobs
03-FLD 1850
3-12 Units
05/28 - 08/16 (12W)
Eric Compas

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