Graduate Communication

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Graduate Communication

2021 Fall Term


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3 Units


COMM 703

Investigation of communication topics that reflect the communication issues within an organiztion (e.g., superior-subordinate, conflict resolution). Topics are selected on the basis of need, interest, or timeliness and may change each time the course is offered.

3 Units


COMM 712

Theory and practice in composition and analysis of crisis communication plans. How to strategically compose and deliver theory-grounded persuasive messages during a crisis, as well as how to accurately assess effectiveness of messages among increasingly diverse stakeholders. How to justify different platforms for crisis message delivery. Crisis case studies in government, non-profit, entertainment, sports and corporate contexts.

3 Units


COMM 727

Seminar in communication practices within corporations. Topics include hierarchy, employees, culture, teams, and conflict. Discussions center around both theoretical and practical implications of communication within corporations.

3 Units


COMM 785

An advanced-level graduate survey of methodologies and issues relevant to the applied practice of communication research in real world settings.

1-3 Units


COMM 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Students must complete the Independent Studies Form located at or available from the Communication Department office prior to registering for this course. The form requires signatures from the instructor supervising the independent study and from the graduate coordinator. Note: Comm 799/Journlsm 799 Thesis credits and Comm 789/Journlsm 789 ACP credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm 798/Journlsm 798 Independent Study credits.

3 Units


COMM 799

Guided investigation of an approved thesis topic. Students may receive credit for research activities planned in conjunction with their advisors and leading to the completion of a master's degree. For students choosing the thesis option, 3 units of Thesis Reseach (COMM 799) may count toward the 30 required credits. For students choosing the ACP option, 3 units of ACP ( COMM 789) credits may count toward the required 30 units. Thesis prospectus forms are available from the Graduate Program Coordinator and the department website at In addition, students must complete the Graduate School thesis proposal form available at Note, Comm 799 credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm 798/Journlsm 798 credits.

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