Undergraduate Philosophy

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Undergraduate Philosophy

2021 Spring Term


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3 Units


Philosophy 101

An introduction to philosophical thought. Representative philosophers and representative issues, such as the nature of ethical reasoning, rival theories of knowledge, and the individual's relation to society, are considered. The emphasis is on argument and analysis, and on issues which are relevant to philosophical problems.

3 Units


Philosophy 121

There is a vast array of media outlets, political talking heads, and mass-marketed paraphernalia that claim to know what you should know, how you should feel about it, and what the best things are for you. We live thoroughly media-ted. This course critiques our current media culture on the veracity/rationality of their epistemic claims.

3 Units


Philosophy 245

An analysis and critical examination of contemporary moral issues related to business, science, and social policy as developed by current participants in the debate and moral philosophers of various periods and philosophical perspectives.

3 Units


Philosophy 341

An introduction to the major figures in Greek philosophy, including representative pre-Socratic philosophers, Plato, and Aristotle, focusing on Classical sources of philosophy of science, ethics, political philosophy, and theory of knowledge.

3 Units


Philosophy 350

This course explores conceptual issues including: how mental activities correlate with brain activities, how the mind relates to action, how the mind's attention can be gripped by the physical world, and how research in A.I. informs our understanding of the nature of the mind.

3 Units


Philosophy 351

This course covers a range of moral issues surrounding sex and sexuality through the lens of contemporary analytic philosophy. Topics include but are not limited to: gender identity, gender equality, discrimination, sexual exploitation, consent, prostitution, and pornography. PHILSPHY 261: Introduction to Ethics is recommended but not required.

3 Units


Philosophy 364

Existentialism is the philosophy of the individual - existing, concrete individual, As a reaction against totalitizing systems that leave individuals as small cogs in the wheel of history. Existentialists tackle questions about what it means to be an individual and the struggle of living in freedom - and so shall we.

1-3 Units


Philosophy 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable

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