Undergraduate Geology

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Undergraduate Geology

2021 Spring Term


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5 Units


Geology 100

This course provides an introduction to the concepts which describe the origin and evolution of the earth. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding 1) the internal and external earth processes, 2) material composition of the earth, 3) the scientific method as applied to the study of the earth, and 4) the evolution of earth through time.

3 Units


Geology 203

The course examines the processes that lead to different types of volcanic activities, role of volcanism on development of continents, oceans, and atomsphere, and its various impacts on the biosphere on planet earth. Volcanism on other planets and satellites within the solar system will also be explored. Special emphasis will be placed on volcanoes as major economic resources.

3 Units


Geology 204

A study of the changes in the Earth's crust and life through geologic time and the methodology used in reconstructing Earth history, including plate tectonics, organic evolution and stratigraphy. A special fee will be assessed to cover transportation costs for those students selecting to participate on an optional field trip.

3 Units


Geology 301

A study of geological phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanism, mass movements, river processes, coastal processes etc. and their impacts on society and enviroment. Special emphasis will be placed on examining remedial measures against geological hazards and how human actions influence natural geological processes. Three lecture hours per week.

3 Units


Geology 307

The course will examine all aspects of Dinosaurs from Earth System Science perspective. Who were the Dinosaurs? When, how and where did they live on earth? What is their relationship to birds? What were the circumstances of their extinction?

3 Units


Geology 317

A detailed study of the history of life on Earth. Lectures focus on concepts in paleontology including paleoecology; evolution; paleobiogeography; and use of fossils in the solution of geologic problems. Characteristics of common fossils will be the focus of the exercises. One field trip is required; up to two optional field trips possible (fee assessed to cover transportation costs of optional trips).

1-3 Units


Geology 491

Variable topics. Faculty-led field courses.

1-3 Units


Geology 492

Field studies of classic geologic regions. Emphasis will be placed on training in the basic techniques and methods of field studies, recognition and interpretation of geologic structures, and the use of field observations to develop both geologic understanding of the region studied and geologic reasoning ability. Students will be responsible for the cost of the university van rental and other trip expenses. Repeatable 3 times in the major and degree, up to 9 credits total.

1-3 Units


Geology 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable.

1-3 Units


Geology 498R

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable

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