Undergraduate Anthropology-Rock County

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Undergraduate Anthropology-Rock County

2020 Spring Term


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3 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 100

A Surv. of the subfields of Anthroplgy, especially archaeology & physical & cultural Anthroplgy. The course explores human biological evolution & variation, cultural evolution, language, & culture change

3 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 104

Surv. of cultural Anthroplgy with emphasis on ethnographic description, methodology & contemporary theory. Cross-cultural comparisons of societies & institutions. Course includes both humanistic & social scientific approaches to human sociocultural diversity

3-5 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 105

A study of evolutionary theory, the place of humans in the primate order, the fossil evidence for human evolution & interpretation of that evidence, the biological & genetic basis of human variation, & possible other topics of human Bio..

3 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 150

Food is the very core of life & one of the most culturally prescribed areas of human experience. This course will study the role of food in human history, & the biocultural construction of what is classified as food. We will examine the meaning of food across cultures with particular attention to how cultural & ethnic (e.g. Asian American, Native American) identities are associated with particular types of food. Rituals, religions & family celebrations, & secular holidays all include the deliberate preparation, serving & sharing of food (or abstinence from food). We will explore food consumption & health, the gendered dimension of food, & the social hierarchies & power relations associated with the commodification of food. Class Proj.s are designed to connect the student to various community & ethnic groups through the study of farmer's markets, food banks, stores & restaurants. We will think about food in new & provocative ways & in the process practically apply theoretical concepts.

3 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 314

(AIS 314 & ANT 314 are the same course.) A Surv. of diverse & complex American Indian cultures & Peoples in North America. Exploring the impact of the past & the influences of Euro-American culture on Native Nations & Peoples with an emphasis on the varied Native responses to culture contact

3 Units


Anthropology-Rock County 343

(ANT 343 & REL 343 are the same course.) Religion, magic & witchcraft are uniquely human means of reaching out to the supernatural realm in order to effect changes in the here & now. This course Introduces student to descriptions & interpretations of magico-religious beliefs & practices in a variety of cultures from an anthropological perspective, which does not attempt to judge the validity of such beliefs but to underst& their origins & functions, among other things. It examines theories about religion & some of the conceptual issues regarding the interpretation of religion & related phenomena which have interested anthropologists over time.

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