Undergraduate Education-Rock County

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Undergraduate Education-Rock County

2019 Fall Term


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3 Units


Education-Rock County 201

Classroom discussion (two hours per week) of educational principles, concepts, & issues related to student-teacher-school-community interactions, including developmental aspects, sociocultural influences, & human relations. Off-campus experience involving active participation in the program at an educational institution (four hours per week of off-campus experience will usually be required, but number may vary with current DPI & 4-year campus requirements.)

3 Units


Education-Rock County 220

This course is designed to prepare students to be competent teachers in a pluralistic society. Current theory & research on the major issues confronting educators in a pluralistic society will be explored: immigration, poverty, issues particular to Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans & other culture/ethnic groups, exceptionality, sexual orientation, religion & other special interest groups. Students in this course will have contact with students, colleagues, parents, & agencies representing different cultures, ethnicities & alternative lifestyles. The knowledge base & rationale for this course is specified in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction PI 34.15 (4) & s 118.19 statutory requirements for Teacher Education & Licensing.

3-4 Units


Education-Rock County 230

A study of the developmental process in children in the context of psychological principles of teaching & learning. Emphasis will be placed on underst&ing the social, emotional, physical, & intellectual development of children & adolescents. Attention will be directed toward the nature & conditions of learning, including the major types of learning, critical aspects of learning, & the problems encountered in fostering & directing learning.

3 Units


Education-Rock County 300

The Exceptional Individual: The purpose of this course is to educate & prepare students to underst& & work with individuals with disabilities within schools by providing accurate Info about disabilities & current best practices in education. Emphasis will be placed on underst&ing historical, legal, & philosophical frameworks; defining categories of disability; describing legal & ethical perspectives; how issues of accessibility in educational & social arenas affect people with disabilities; learning the role disability plays in the lives of families; becoming familiar with label criteria for disabilities; & the examination of how the referral/placement processes can either discriminate against marginalized populations or facilitate inclusion.

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