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2018 Spring Term

1-3 Units

Communication 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Students must complete the Independent Studies Form located at or available from the Communication Department office prior to registering for this course. The form requires signatures from the instructor supervising the independent study and from the graduate coordinator. Note: Comm 799/Journlsm 799 Thesis credits and Comm 789/Journlsm 789 ACP credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm 798/Journlsm 798 Independent Study credits.

Class Schedule


  • This schedule is informational and does not guarantee availability for registration.
  • Sections may be full or not open for registration. Please use WINS if you wish to register for a course.
Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-IND 4362
1-3 Units
01/22 - 05/11 (1)
Corey Davis
02-IND 4499
1-3 Units
01/22 - 05/11 (1)
Susan Wildermuth
03-IND 4535
1-3 Units
01/22 - 05/11 (1)
Jonathan Wickert
04-IND 4592
1-3 Units
01/22 - 05/11 (1)
Edward Frederick

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