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2017 Fall Term

3 Units

Curriculum & Instruction Gen 520

In The Spoken Language & Discourse Analysis, students will develop working knowledge of contemporary issues in the teaching of oral communication (speaking and listening skills) to learners of ESL. Linguistic principles studied are also pertinent for those teaching foreign languages. CROSS-LISTED: CIGENRL 320, CIGENRL 520, ESL 320, ESL 520

Other Requirements: PREREQ: CIGENRL 510/ ESL 510

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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-DIS 4781
3 Units
10/30 - 12/22 (8W2)
Melanie Schneider
Enrollment in the Graduate ESL/Bilingual Education Cohort Program and CIGENRL 510: Survey of Educational Linguistics. This is a hybrid Dept. Consent course. Face-to-face dates and times will be confirmed at the first meeting. Participants will be contacted about the first meeting time and location before the course begins.

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