Undergraduate Physical Education Professionl

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Undergraduate Physical Education Professionl

2017 Summer Term


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3 Units


Physical Education Professionl 250

This course introduces the theoretical foundations of motor development and motor learning and explores the practical application in the teaching of motor skills in school settings.

3 Units


Physical Education Professionl 260

A study of principles and techniques used to evaluate pupil progress in PE through a survey of available testing instruments and the use of statistics. This course is designed to develop the assessment literacy skills of PETE majors. The ability to collect, analyze, evaluate and present data accurately will be developed. Meaningful ways that assessment links to accountability are presented.

3 Units


Physical Education Professionl 371

The study of mechanical principles which are essential to the analysis of sport techniques as well as the performance of motor skills. The course includes a review of muscle-skeletal anatomy and the thorough study of human movement.

3 Units


Physical Education Professionl 480

Theoretical considerations and practical applications of management, operations and programs for health promotion organizations. Begins with the planning, design, financing and construction of health promotion facilities. Includes the hiring and organization of staff members, the development and marketing of special programs and the administration and finance of health promotion organizations.

6-12 Units


Physical Education Professionl 493

The internship is a culminating learning experience for students studying in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. This experience allows students the opportunity to practice the application of theory and apply the knowledge acquired through academic preparation. The internship is an in-depth supervised work and study experience, preferably at the supervisor or mid-management level, where the student has a degree of responsibility for planning, directing and supervising the work of others. A desired result of this course design is to stimulate good judgement and sound decisions while improving problem solving, communication, human development and relation building skills.

1-3 Units


Physical Education Professionl 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable for a maximum of 3 credits in major/degree.

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