Undergraduate Computer Science

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Undergraduate Computer Science

2017 Summer Term


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3 Units


Computer Science 162

A thorough introduction to using computers covering word processing, spreadsheets, data storage and retrieval, computer graphics and applications, uses of computers, e-mail and the Internet, hardware, history, and problems arising from the use of computers.

3 Units


Computer Science 172

This course will give students the essentials of object-oriented programming in Java. Students will learn to formulate algorithms, to solve problems and to implement those solutions with a Java program that employs objects and classes. The student will be introduced to object-oriented design, applications and applets, class construction, methods and message passing arrays, string processing, file processing, and some event-handling and Graphical Use Interface programming. This course is designed for students with some prior programming experience.

3 Units


Computer Science 174

This course teaches basic programming skills using the structured high-level language C++. Topics include basic input and output, declaration and use of variables, use of control statements, implementation of functions usig value and reference parameters, arrays, and structures. Students will write moderately complex applications using C++.

3 Units


Computer Science 220

This course teaches more advanced topics in object-oriented program design and the Java programming language. Coverage includes multi-dimensional arrays, methods, error handling, strings, regular expressions, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, generic types, program debugging and testing, database and file processing, event-handling, and graphical user interfaces.

3 Units


Computer Science 271

This course covers the use of an assembly language based on the RISC processor architecture including writing, linking, and executing a program. Also covered are number systems, instructions for arithmetic and logical operations, memory access, loops, declaring variables, interrupts, machine language, segments, stacks, procedure writing, and file handling.

1-3 Units


Computer Science 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Repeatable. Department Consent required.

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