Undergraduate Management Computer Systems

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Undergraduate Management Computer Systems

2015 Fall Term


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3 Units


Management Computer Systems 314

This coursecovers advanced topics in database analysis, design, access, integrity control, and implementation as well as a variety of emerging topics. The course is intended for students who already have a good understanding of database systems and relational database comcepts.

3 Units


Management Computer Systems 325

This course will give students familiarity with client/server computing in two/three-tiered Internet environment. This includes the development of dynamic web pages to exchange data with relational database management systems using scripting technologies. Students will use an event-driven, object-oriented programming language to construct ActiveX components that connect with database servers. The course will also explore basic networking concepts.

3 Units


Management Computer Systems 331

In this course, the student learns to analyze the business organization as a system, to structure both the information and processes of a business or organization, and to complete the systems development process through the logical design phase. The course utilizes an object-oriented methodology for the systems development process. The student begins a team project that is completed in MCS 431.

3 Units


Management Computer Systems 391

The student is to work as an information systems professional in a business or government organization and report on the experience to the MCS faculty and fellow students.

1-3 Units


Management Computer Systems 485

This course provides students with the opportunity to participate on a student project team under the management of a faculty member and industry practitioners. The project will be sponsored by a partnering business firm and may involve a wide array of technologies, functional areas and geographically dispersed teammates. This course will only be offered when projects are available. Students will be carefully chosen through an interview process. The number of credits will be determined by the complexity of the project and the level of student involvement.

1-3 Units


Management Computer Systems 498

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Department Consent Required.

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