Undergraduate Geography

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Undergraduate Geography

2014 Summer Term


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4 Units


Geography 120

This course introduces students to the processes controlling and distinguishing weather and climate. Particular emphasis is on data selection, interpretation, and analysis. The impacts of severe weather and climate change on humans is also emphasized. The labs expose students to the wide range of weather and climate information currently available on the Internet.

5 Units


Geography 210

A study of selected physical aspects of our geographic environment. Emphasis is given to the origin and characteristic features of topographic, climatic, vegetative and soil regions of the earth and to their interrelationships. The ultimate objective is to provide a foundation upon which to build a better understanding of human interrelationships with the physical environment. Field trips are normally taken.

3 Units


Geography 230

A systematic study of human land relationships highlighting the diversity of the elements that make up the cultural landscape in various regions.

3 Units


Geography 250

A systematic treatment of physical and cultural geographic phenomena. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationships and interactions of these phenomena from place to place within the state.

3 Units


Geography 252

An introduction to environmental problems and their complexities. Attention is given to alternative solutions to such problems and the implications these alternatives have for the total environment. The course emphasizes the evaluation of the interrelationships between the environmental resource demands of people and the actual resource base of the earth.

3-12 Units


Geography 485

Students will be placed in an outside private or governmental agency where they will utilize geographic techniques in approaching practical problems relevant to the agency's mission. An on-campus seminar with fellow interns and the supervisory instructor is required. Prereq: Students with a major or minor program emphasis in geography must have completed a minimum of 14 credits in geography and have the consent of the intern committee. Students of cognate majors must have a minimum of 9 selected credits in geography and consent of the intern committee. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits in major and 12 credits in degree.

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