Graduate Health Education

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Graduate Health Education

2014 Summer Term


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3 Units


Health Education 562

The course explains what stress is, its various causes and its effects. It helps develop a personal "Stress Profile" which enables the participants to pinpoint the specific sources and manifestations of stress and tension. The course shows how to combine biofeedback, relaxation techniques, exercise, diet, and other skills into an individualized "Stress Management System" that will help individuals feel healthier and cope better with daily pressure.

3 Units


Health Education 671

The content of this course is from a psychophysiological perspective. Emphasis will be place on research involving the effects of physical activity on psychological states and traits as well as how affect influences performance. Topic will include research design, motivation and adherence, attention, arousal, overtraining, behavior change, personality dynamics, and mental health.

1-3 Units


Health Education 696

Variable topics. Group activity. Not offered regularly in the curriculum but offered on topics selected on the basis of timeliness, need, and interest, and generally in the format of regularly scheduled Catalog offerings.

1-12 Units


Health Education 793

Prereq: Graduate status, application and interview, completion of 9 credits at UW-Whitewater and designated curriculum check sheet requirements. (Not to be used for first-time certification)

1-3 Units


Health Education 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member.

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