Graduate Communication

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Graduate Communication

2014 Summer Term


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3 Units


Communication 624

Study of cross cultural contacts and interactions when individuals are from different cultures. An analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication and related factors within and between various cultures, predictions of patterns and effects, and communication barriers.

3 Units


Communication 631

A course which examines the functions and effects of mass media in our society. Theoretical bases for assessing social, behavioral and cultural influences are emphasized.

3 Units


Communication 789

Applied Communication Project (ACP) units allow a student to work with his/her project director and committee in further developing and completing the ACP, a capstone experience option emphasizing the application of communication theory and principles to solve a communication problem or meet a specific need relating to corporate communication or mass communication issues. ACP proposal forms available at or from the graduate coordinator. Note, Comm/Journlsm 799 Thesis credits and Comm/Journlsm 789 ACP credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm/Journlsm 798 Independent Study credits.

1-3 Units


Communication 793

The Communication Practicum gives students, under the direction of a faculty advisor, the opportunity to apply their theoretical and research backgrounds in "real world" settings ranging from internships in organizations or agencies to other approved activities.

1-3 Units


Communication 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Students must complete the Independent Studies Form located at or available from the Communication Department office prior to registering for this course. The form requires signatures from the instructor supervising the independent study and from the graduate coordinator. Note: Comm 799/Journlsm 799 Thesis credits and Comm 789/Journlsm 789 ACP credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm 798/Journlsm 798 Independent Study credits.

3 Units


Communication 799

Guided investigation of an approved thesis topic. Students may receive credit for research activities planned in conjunction with their advisors and leading to the completion of a master's degree. For students choosing the thesis option, 3 units of Thesis Reseach (COMM 799) may count toward the 30 required credits. For students choosing the ACP option, 3 units of ACP ( COMM 789) credits may count toward the required 30 units. Thesis prospectus forms are available from the Graduate Program Coordinator and the department website at In addition, students must complete the Graduate School thesis proposal form available at Note, Comm 799 credits may not be taken concurrently with Comm 798/Journlsm 798 credits.

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