Graduate Accounting

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Graduate Accounting

2014 Summer Term


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3 Units


Accounting 651

A study of federal income tax laws with emphasis on the individual taxpayer, particularly of employees and sole proprietors. The study includes a review of current proposals, discussion of practical problems in tax planning and practice in the preparation of tax returns.

2 Units


Accounting 701

This course introduces students to the principles of financial accounting, including the (1) basic accounting cycle (i.e., double-entry accounting), financial statements (i.e., income statement, statement of financial position, and statement of cash flows), and specific discussions of cash, trade receivables, merchandise inventories, plant assets, current and long-term liabilities, and stockholders' equity. Fundamental ration and statement analysis techniques are also integrated throughout the course.

3 Units


Accounting 748

This course investigates the role and value of accounting information for users as they make business decisions. It includes a review of the generally accepted accounting principles and assumptions underlying the basic accounting model that generates the financial statements. The course focuses on the interpreting and analyzing financial statements to assess (a) historical trends and patterns, (b) short-term liquidity and long-term solvency, (c) profitability and operating performance, and (d) capital structure and asset utilization. Additional topics include the effects of alternative accounting methods, specialized industry analysis (e.g., banks, insurance, and utilities) and earnings quality and earnings management.

3 Units


Accounting 783

This course examines the international dimension of accounting and financial reporting for multinational enterprises. Topics include (a) the international standard-setting process, including harmonization with US GAAP, (b) IFRS GAAP for recording transactions and preparing financial statements, (c) a detalied comparison of IFRS and US GAAP, (d) foreign currency translations and accounting for changing prices, (e) international taxation and transfer pricing.

1-3 Units


Accounting 789

Study of selected contemporary areas in accounting through readings in current research and literature. Prereq: Consent of Instructor.

1-3 Units


Accounting 793

This course provides students, under the direction of a faculty advisor, the opportunity to apply their theoretical backgrounds in settings ranging from internships in accounting organizations to other approved activities related to the practice of professional accountancy. A learning contract will be developed by the faculty advisor, professional supervisor (if applicable), and student that clearly delineates the expectations and responsibilities of each party involved in the practicum.

1-3 Units


Accounting 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member.

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