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2012 Fall Term

3 Units [GS]

Sociology 250

This course examines various theoretical explanations of contemporary social problems such as crime, drug use, poverty, discrimination and environmental pollution. The impact of social problems on different groups in society and the role of social movements, government, and social policy are considered.

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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-LEC 4000
3 Units [GS]
09/05 - 12/21 (1) MW 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Tomas Garrett-Rosas
02-LEC 4001
3 Units [GS]
09/04 - 12/21 (1)
Charles Ogg
This section will be taught on the web and you must have an active UWW email account to take this class. Shortly before the course begins, information on how to access the class will be mailed to your UWW email account. Required additional course fee is $150.

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