Undergraduate Sociology

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Undergraduate Sociology

2015 Summer Term


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3 Units


Sociology 240

This course introduces students to the ways in which sociologists use theory and research to study human group behavior and the processes by which people build, maintain, and change their institutional arrangements and relationships with one another. The course will focus on five areas of inquiry: social structure, interaction, and change; inequality and diversity; family and health; crime, criminal justice, and law; and global comparative.

3 Units


Sociology 250

This course examines various theoretical explanations of contemporary social problems such as crime, drug use, poverty, discrimination and environmental pollution. The impact of social problems on different groups in society and the role of social movements, government, and social policy are considered.

3 Units


Sociology 295

Introduction to basic statistical methods and their utility in sociology including statistical concepts, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and variability, correlation analysis, OLS regression analysis, and including the logic of hypothesis testing. In addition, introduction to basic operations of PASW (formally SPSS) statistical software in social data analysis.

3 Units


Sociology 352

A study to acquaint the student with historical development of urban centers, the increasing societal dominance of urbanism, the aspects of urbanism that constitute societal problems as well as societal contributions and new urban trends such as suburbanism and urban renewal.

3 Units


Sociology 378

The critical analysis of probation, parole, halfway houses, jails and prisons. Their origins in and possible function for the larger society will also be examined. Field trip is required.

1-12 Units


Sociology 493

This course involves a supervised internship in a public or private organization. Through on campus seminars and written assignments on the intern experience, students learn how sociology can be applied to solve social problems. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits in degree. Prereq: Consent of internship coordinator.

1-3 Units


Sociology 498

Repeatable, in combination with SOCIOLGY 498R, for a maximum of 6 units in major or minor, and 12 units in degree. Cannot substitute for SOCIOLGY 476 or SOCIOLGY 473 or SOCIOLGY 472. Cannot use S/NC grading.

2 Units


Sociology 499

The senior honors thesis is a unique requirement of the Honors Emphasis major which is designed to recognize a student's exceptional dedication and ability. Student will complete a substantial research project in their senior year. Results must be written up as a thesis, presented in a seminar, and defended orally.

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