Undergraduate Bus & Econ Interdepartmental

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Undergraduate Bus & Econ Interdepartmental

2018 Fall Term


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3 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 101

An introductory business course intended to introduce all business majors to the business professions and the global societal issues that surround business.Curriculum focuses on the College's mission statement of building professional leadership through cultural and diversity awareness, ethical responsiveness, innovative problem solving, and critical thinking.

1 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 288

Offered on a satisfactory/no credit basis only. A presentation of techniques of self-analysis in preparation for the job search. The job search includes resume, cover letter, and interview preparation.

2 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 290

This course will assist students in transitioning from academic writing to business writing. The course will teach students to effectively analyze communication situations and write business documents that are clear, complete, concise, and courteous. Business grammar, writing mechanics, and document format will be covered.

3-12 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 293

The purpose of this course is to acquire skills and knowledge relating personal values to customer service, personal empowerment, problem-solving, effective communication, teamwork, time management, cultural sensitivity, and career planning. The Disney Theme Parks and Resorts offer students a learning laboratory where they can live, learn and earn while taking courses and completing assignments related to their work experience.

3 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 305

Healthcare Systems is an overview of the U.S. healthcare system. Emphasis is placed on the function and structure of the system in both the private and public sectors. Federal regulations, e.g. the Affordable Care Act, and the vocabulary necessary to understanding the operation of healthcare system are addressed.

1-3 Units


Bus & Econ Interdepartmental 491

Variable topics. Faculty-led courses abroad.

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