Graduate Finance & Business Law

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Graduate Finance & Business Law

2018 Spring Term


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2 Units


Finance & Business Law 718

Consideration of the finance function as it relates to other organizational roles, the use of capital budgeting techniques, other quantitative methods, and model building in decision making. Not open to students with an undergraduate finance degree.

3 Units


Finance & Business Law 735

The objective of this course is to advance students understanding of how to use financial information in order to value and analyze firms. There is no major corporate investment decision that can be made without first asking and answering the question, 'what is it worth?'. The goal of this course is to build students skills and confidence in answering that question. The focus of firm valuation is on making investment decisions in real - as apposed to financial - assets. Firm valuation will acquaint students with the widely-used, yet rigorous, ideas that have revolutionized the practice of valuation of projects, divisions, and companies during the past few decades.

3 Units


Finance & Business Law 755

An advanced course of international financial principles covering major macroeconomic factors affecting international corporate decisions, foreign exchange transactions, hedging strategies, international capital structure decisions, capital budgeting, international financial markets, and taxation.

3 Units


Finance & Business Law 770

Financial planning for working capital management and long range investment projects. Emphasis on capital budgeting problem solving. Readings on capital budgeting and related topics, cost of capital structure, and dividend policy.

3 Units


Finance & Business Law 780

Formulation of objectives and the development of portfolios to meet these objectives for individuals and institutions. Special attention will be focused on statistical and analytical techniques for portfolio selection and management.

3 Units


Finance & Business Law 785

This course provides hands-on experience for students to access financial information and perform financial analysis. It covers formula building, referencing, integrated financials, scenario and sensitivity analysis, and data visualization techniques.

1-3 Units


Finance & Business Law 798

A student may satisfy up to 3 credits of the 9 credit emphasis by pursuing this course with one or more members of the graduate faculty. A copy of the proposal must be on file in the chairman's office prior to registration.

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