Graduate Women's Studies

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Graduate Women's Studies

2015 Spring Term


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3 Units


Women's and Gender Studies 580

A study of legal, social, and moral issues related to gender, such as the definition of sexual difference, inequality in the workplace, lesbian and gay rights, violence against women, and abortion rights. How these issues have been handled historically and normatively within the legal system will be investigated.

3 Units


Women's and Gender Studies 664

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study and analyze international relations from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It will examine current understandings of the causes, processes and structures of international relations, violent conflict, as well as resolution of those conflicts and peace within the context of Feminist theories. The goal is to examine the role of women in international relations, international security, conflict and peace through different approaches to the study of conflict and how it is understood. The course will consider both the strength and limitations of various disciplinary approaches. The traditional approaches to international relations, international security, international conflict and peace reflect viewpoints consistent with masculine perspectives on power and security. The goal is to consider how the limitations of the approaches can be effectively challenged and what alternatives might be offered. Themes for discussion will include gender, race, ethnicity, nationalism, state, community, conflict and peace.

3 Units


Women's and Gender Studies 793

Work and study with an agency or institution related to women's issues. Students working under faculty supervision will combine academic learning with practical experience. Prereq: 12 credits in courses approved for Women's Studies or approval of Women's Studies Internship Committee.

1-3 Units


Women's and Gender Studies 798

Study of a selected topic or topics under the direction of a faculty member. Prereq: Consent of Instructor and 6 units from the approved course list or approval of the Women's Studies Chairperson.

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