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2014 Spring Term

3 Units [GH]

History 110

This variable-topics course will introduce students to selected historical themes depicted by popular film. Students will watch and deconstruct popular historical films within the larger context of scholarly analysis of a particular historic period or event. Evaluation will be based on a variety of essay and objective exams. As well, in-class discussion will form a significant basis for evaluation. Repeatable once in degree with change in topic (may only apply once toward major).

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01-DIS 3562
3 Units [GH]
01/21 - 05/20 (1) W 5:15 PM - 9:00 PM
Karl Brown
Science fiction films are unique historical artifacts. They are time capsules of contemporary social, political, cultural, and technological norms even as they express the boundaries of the thinkable in any given era; they also occasionally predict the future with startling accuracy. In this class, we will investigate the worldwide evolution of science fiction cinema since its origins in the early twentieth century to the present. Films screened will include Voyage to the Moon (France, 1902), Aelita, Queen of Mars (USSR, 1924), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (USA, 1956), Blade Runner (USA, 1982), District 9 (South Africa, 2009), and others.

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