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2013 Spring Term

1-3 Units

Biological Sciences 491

Variable topics. Faculty-led field courses.

Class Schedule


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Section Details Meeting Details & Topic Instructor Syllabus
01-FLD 4872
1-3 Units
01/22 - 05/22 (1) F 2:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Susan Wildermuth
Linda Eshelman
Class sessions will be announced by the course faculty member(s). Students will also participate in the faculty-led travel study component of the course scheduled for Ecuador from May 20th to June 6th, 2013. Contact the Center for Global Education (email:, the course faculty, or the web for a program application; contact Professors Linda Eshelman ( for academic requirements or for more information about the course. Applications are due to the Center for Global Education on or before Friday, December 7, 2012. The majority of the estimated Travel Study Program Course Fee, as noted on the course application, will be charged to the student's account shortly thereafter. The second and final billing of the balance will occur at a later date. Travel study registration is not available via WINS registration. Travel study participants may not add or drop a travel study course via WINS once it has been added to their academic schedule. Failure to abide by the add/drop provisions of the Travel Study Program could result in severe financial penalties. Students are advised to refer to the Travel Study Application and Student Contract for more information.

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